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Nairobi – Kenya

Tel.: +254 719 269994

E-mail: info@hannjonuts.com

About our company:

The organic company “Hannjonuts Ltd.” was founded by the German businessman Hannjo Schulz in 2016.

Today the macadamia nuts are produced with the aid of 500 employees to ensure the high quality of the different types of nuts which pass through a strict selection system to allow for bio export and high sustainability.

The products have their origin in the best growing region around Mount Kenya. Our farmers are upgraded in their skills by regular advanced trainings to improve the conditions of the organic macadamia nuts and guarantee for best results of farming in the future.

The international company “SGS Mombasa” controls our products constantly and confirms the high quality of our products. By packing the products under a nitrogen atmosphere into the final vacuum package the storage life of our products keep up to 1.5 years if stored below a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit).

A fair treatment of our workers is a core principle of our company. Fair payment and health insurance are part of our offerings as an internationally set out company.

To underline our social awareness we founded a tree nursery of macadamia nut trees to supply families of farmers with our own grown trees. Theses trees we give away to farmers in need once a year.

Below you find the certificates we obtained in the past. The standard FSCC22000 will be certified until end of May of this year 2019.

We ship worldwide.

Our products – different styles for many applications: tasty snacks, usage in chocolates and bakery, industrial purposes


  • Style 0: premium whole kernel, 95% whole nuts bigger than 20mm
  • Style 1: premium whole kernel, 90% whole nuts bigger than 16mm
  • Style 2: premium whole and halves (ratio 50:50), bigger than 12.5mm

  • Style 3: premium whole nuts 15%, halves 85%, ratio can be changed to clients’ wishes, bigger than 12.5mm
  • Style 4: premium halves, scrumble and kernels bigger than 10mm

  • Style 6: premium chips, bigger than 4mm
  • Style 7: premium scrumble, smaller than 4mm, powder for industrial use only

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Hannjo Schulz – founder and owner of  “Hannjonuts Ltd.”

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